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Hot Tips

Consignment Store


Any unsold items from your Estate Sale can be sold in our consignment store. vintage-pink-setWe accept high quality items for consignment at our shop in Torrance. Please call or email us to discuss the items you wish to sell. We are happy to talk to you about how much you can make, the process of selling on round-wool-rugconsignment, and tips and tricks for getting the most return on your treasures.

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Making the MOST of household equity

"Old junk" can have more value than you think. Aside from sentimental value, these are financial assets. And like any investment, it's important to make the most of it of your assets. Now I’m not talking about flipping houses like pancakes, or messing with loans. I’m not talking about spattering yourself with paint to colorize your walls, nor am I suggesting you haul out the junk for another micro garage sale on an otherwise uneventful Sunday morning. Garage sales, yard sales, and even flea markets are great in their own small ways... but when it comes to handling the sale of inherited property the best they can do is pocket change compared to the river of money that comes from the most profitable concept since the barter system otherwise known as...

"The Estate Sale"


But what makes them a veritable diamond mind in your backyard?

Facts: No one lives forever. And when they go, there’s not much they can take with them... but the “things” they leave behind are often valuable – they’re assets, especially if you know what you’re dealing with.

You know how hard it is to drive by an Estate Sale sign on a Saturday morning. It's almost as if a magnetic force compells you to stop pull over.

Proper management of inherited personal property is critical. If that responsibility falls to you, thank your lucky stars. This is the bright side to balance the loss. Losing the people we love is never easy, but at least there is a good side to the story -- if you know the proper way to clear out a house.

Rule #1: Don’t throw anything away!

You won't believe what this chair sold for!

Sure, I know what you’re thinking...

“It’s junk! There’s loads of it. Broken chairs and old plates. Stuff no body wants...” Think again. Estate Sales are not just for the treasures of Citizen Kane. That old Rosebud sled that cost $5.95 in 1962, is an antique today and worth so much more! “I really thought it was junk, and was ready to rent a dumpster and...

“...shovel it into the flames like Xanadu”


(But don’t despair, people have been doing the same for hundreds of years)

Here’s a True Story: When I was a kid, I had a set of Hot Wheels cars, which cost originally about $0.89 each. They were still in immaculate condition until he gave them to his nephew, thinking they were worthless. His collection included all the first Hot Wheels cars that had been produced, some of which now sell for up to $2,000 a piece. Ca-ching! Lesson: unless you’re an expert, don’t assume that anything is “old junk.”

Old toys, clothes, dishes, vases, paintings...


Any of them might pay you well!

I'll be polite and say I was ignorant; that I knew not what I was doing, because schools don’t bother to teach practical values or how to discern trash from treasures – particularly how to flip things at an Estate Sale.

Books can’t teach you how to understand the vast market for second-hand furniture, and mass media society weened on TV is driven by the words “new and improved!” Even so, wasting the “old and unimproved” remains a bitter pill. So just don’t go there.

The Estate Sale industry is one of the world’s best kept secrets...


But don’t think auctioneers don’t know all about it. They understand that value and prey on the ignorance of beneficiaries who aren’t experts on estimating worth. In fact, the largest auctioneers routinely cherry pick the low-hanging fruit for estate auctions. Christies and Sotheby’s account for many millions in sales by themselves, yet much of their content consists of household items culled from the estates of homes nationwide.

Then again, it’s also no secret to the smaller regional auctioneers. The auction hammer strikes every week in cities from coast to coast while savvy buyers vie for countless collections personal property. The buyers and sellers know that auctions are the place to score the best deals, far below what they’d pay at an estate sale!

If you have any sense at all, auctions are simply NOT an option


The most profitable way is to sell items separately, not as a collection.

Fact: An old friend of mine began his career as an art mover, working for museums. From there, to collecting art himself was a natural progression. And as an insider, he knows where to buy: only from smaller regional auctioneers, not connected online, since those are the places to get the best deals of all.

If you are going to use an auctioneer, make sure they’re online…


Make an informed choice!

Auctioneers, antique dealers, and estate sales professionals all have their relative advantages and disadvantages. Pick their brains (if you can) to achieve higher-quality decisions and avoid expensive blunders that may leave you licking your wounds.

But you can’t go wrong with an estate sales on location. When you crunch the numbers, the numbers come up on their side... and not auctioneers or antique dealers.

The reason is simple
: Auctioneers and antiques dealers don’t want everything you have to sell. They only want to cherry pick the most profitable things; the rest is your problem. Go with an auction or an antiques seller, and you get stuck with a house full of property.

Compounding that problem is that after either the antiques seller or auctioneer has made off with the low-hanging fruit, you may not have enough decent items left to warrant a successful in-house estate liquidator.

Got an estate? Get a professional and do it right…


(Are these salt shakers worth $20 or $200 or $2,000)

At Victoria’s Vintage, we we know how, where and what to sell. We know when to sell with an estate sale, and when to sell on consignment because we do both. The alternative can leave you with a fraction of the potential profit.

victorias-vintage-logoThe real pros in the estate sale industry are focused on one thing: Maximizing the financial value of your personal property practically guarantees top prices, easy transitions, and clean houses… auctioneers won’t sweep the floor before they leave and neither will many antique dealers.


Consignment Store

store3We accept high quality items for consignment at our shop in Torrance. Please call or email to discuss the items you wish to sell. We are happy to talk about how much you can make, the process of selling on consignment, and tips and tricks for getting the most return on your treasures. Read More...


Vintage Jewelry


We specialize in vintage costume jewelry, including bold, sturdy Bakelite, glittering rhinestones in every color, matching sets to knock your socks off! We also have plant and animal motif brooches that make perfect gifts for nature lovers.  Read More...


China and Crystals


We have beautiful China, porcelain, crystals and glass collection. Come check it out! Read More...


Used Furniture and Antiques

chairAntiques that you can find in our store are not only wonderfully old, but very unique. Many are one-of-a-kind! If you want the finest and truly unique furniture, you need to stop in and browse our wonderful collection! Read More...


Clothing and Accessories

clothesVisit our store to find one-of-a-kind vintage clothing and accessories! Mix vintage and modern essentials to achieve a distinctive style you desire without having to spend a fortune! Shop on! Read More...

Costing Information

Our basic cost is 30% of the total sales + the cost of advertising and labor which differ from sale to sale. NO UP FRONT FEES are charged. You are paid within 2 weeks of the end of the sale – allowing time for checks to clear. We provide an itemized invoice for all items sold and their selling price.

Visit our store on eBay

Glass ashtrayVisit our store on eBay to see the latest treasures from our ever-changing collection!

Consignment Store Location

We are located at:
3545 Lomita Bvd
Torrance CA 90505

310-325-1332 (office)