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Any unsold items from your Estate Sale can be sold in our consignment store. vintage-pink-setWe accept high quality items for consignment at our shop in Torrance. Please call or email us to discuss the items you wish to sell. We are happy to talk to you about how much you can make, the process of selling on round-wool-rugconsignment, and tips and tricks for getting the most return on your treasures.

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Conducting an estate sale is a daunting task for most of us. It requires a huge amount of organization and pricing knowledge. What’s the value of used clothes? Appliances? Furniture? Paintings? Knickknacks?

Since we do this all the time, we have a huge knowledge base of pricing info as well as the best sales techniques to generate sales. Our fees are minimal and our services more than pay for the additional profit we generate for you. So it’s a win-win proposition.


estate-sale-4The first step is an inspection to estimate the extent and value of your property to ensure an estate sales is indeed warranted. We will give you our honest opinion on what your items are worth and whether or not an estate sale could be completed over the course of a single weekend.

In some cases, it might take more time and in other cases there is really not enough value inherent in the person’s possessions to justify an estate sale. Alternatives include selling specific items on consignment in our consignment store or donating them to the Salvation Army or similar charity where they will actually do some good.

We set up everything and conduct the sale with our own staff, a task that is often trying for relatives, due to the memories stirred up by various items and the difficulty in parting with them. We even arrange for all advertising to bring in a flood of people ready with cash. (Advertising costs are initially borne by us so you need not provide money up front, then reimbursed from the proceeds of the sale).

estate-sale-1Advertising includes both cost-effective ads placed where we know they will get results, as well as getting word out to our own list of bargain hunters and buyers via email.

You will be paid within 2 weeks of the sale once checks have cleared and financial transactions are complete. Our fee is generally 30% plus the cost of advertising and labor.

Most sales begin on Friday, however an early bird sale can be arranged and held the day before. After the sale ends, we will do a full clean up of all the premises even if that means returning on Monday.


It can take more than a week to get everything sparkling and ready for sale. Tables are brought in, all items are arranged and prices assigned. We will search storage areas including storage rooms, garages, closets, attics and basement to find every item of value for the sale. The appearance of each item is important so cobwebs, dust and dirt must go. estate-sale-2Some items require research to discover or estimate worth. If an appraiser is needed for a unique or exceptional piece, we will arrange that; however, nothing will be sold without your permission. Anything we find that might qualify as an heirloom such as rare coins, jewelry, weapons or cash are presented to you for authorization before putting it up for sale.

Ultimately, the most valuable asset of any business is satisfied customers. So we do everything we can to ensure you recommend our services to your friends.

Many times there are more items than can be displayed indoors, in which case we will set up additional tables in the yard, garage or drive way. If the weather threatens, we will arrange for temporary shelter.


When you get down to it, organizing an estate sale takes a tremendous amount of coordination to “tie up loose ends.” That can include contacting all family members, friends, care givers, accountants, attorneys, real estate agents, financial institutions, and sometimes helping to settle any disputes between various parties by offering tips from hard-won experience.


During the estate sale, we stay in touch with you via telephone for questions that may arise. We do the work, but you stay in control.



Consignment Store

store3We accept high quality items for consignment at our shop in Torrance. Please call or email to discuss the items you wish to sell. We are happy to talk about how much you can make, the process of selling on consignment, and tips and tricks for getting the most return on your treasures. Read More...


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Costing Information

Our basic cost is 30% of the total sales + the cost of advertising and labor which differ from sale to sale. NO UP FRONT FEES are charged. You are paid within 2 weeks of the end of the sale – allowing time for checks to clear. We provide an itemized invoice for all items sold and their selling price.

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